Smaller world
The setting sun lights up jet contrails in the western sky. People have made their airline connection and are on the way. These jets are probably departing from Columbus Ohio bound for points East.

Hay on Wednesday I

Sometimes we sell hay on Wednesday.  It turns out that a lot of people sell hay on Wednesday.  Early arrival at the sale is imperative so that your load gets auctioned before the buyers run out of money or just run out all together.  Sometimes there is a lot of waiting involved.  A camera makes the waiting more interesting.  There are all colors and sizes of trucks and some with farm names of interest.  Descriptive terms include  little squares, big squares, net wrapped, bagged, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, mixed, and alfalfa.  In addition each farmer has his favorite method of securing the type of load that he usually brings.  That is the subject of this post…

Ropes and Ratchet straps


and finally, one simple knot.